Content Marketing 6 Ways to Better Promote Your Content

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Content Marketing 6 Ways to Better Promote Your Content

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One of the pillars of any content marketing strategy is the generation of relevant content for your brand personas, right? However, creating blog articles and rich materials is just one of the steps for the correct promotion of content. A well-designed content promotion strategy encompasses both production and dissemination and sharing. The result? More educated customers about your service and more sales among current and potential customers. So, check out simple steps for you to optimize your company’s content promotion: tips to optimize your content promotion: 1. Explore all the potential of having a blog. Create guidelines and produce content for blogs. Having a blog is essential for companies that want to adopt a solid positioning in content marketing and inbound marketing . For that, the first step is to produce content relevant to your personas – the representations of your ideal customers.

At that time you have at your disposal a range of content possibilities to be produced, such as blog articles, e-books , infographics , templates , videos , podcasts , among others. To identify the ideal type of content for each purchase moment of your customer, consider the stage of the shopping journey they are in and the types of objections they may be Whatsapp Number List having regarding your service or product. After mapping the topics of interest and objections from customers, it's time to effectively produce the content. For an easier and more enjoyable text to read, keep in mind the following tips: use shorter paragraphs: very large blocks of text are tiring to read and understand put intertitles, so that the reader knows what topic each paragraph will address; curiosity to know what the next item is; use bold : highlight important words.


Drawing the reader's attention to keywords in your texts 2) share the created content. In addition to producing the content, it is also interesting to carry out a publicity campaign that expands the reach of the information generated. To do this, think about which times and days your audience is most active on the internet. In his book content marketing playbook, sujan patel cites research that informs important statistics on the consumption of information on blogs. Use them to guide your outreach campaign: statistics on blog audiences most users consume blog content in the morning best time in terms of traffic? 11 am. Busiest days on the blog? Traffic is highest on mondays most blogs get the most comments on saturdays. During the late afternoon and evening, men read more blogs than women.